Pinterest Fail ~ sharpie written words baked on a coffee mug

I like Pinterest. It’s fun. A total time suck, but fun. I used to pin everything that I saw and liked, thinking ONE DAY I’d actually make to do whatever fun/yummy/crafty to-do the pin was about. Yeah. Right. I’m not super crafty. And lately I really just haven’t had time to get real fancy in the kitchen. I’m trying, though. Lately I’ve been going through my boards and trying to organize and clean things out. In that process I’m finding a few pins here and there that are easy enough that I can handle, despite my overly busy current state of life.

With that all said, I’m not the damn Pinterest police. There are a whole SLEW of blog posts out there on the RIGHT WAY to do pinterest. Some are helpful. Some? Seriously people, you are way to anal. There are more important things in the world to care about. However, I’ll admit that I do have one pinterest pet peeve.

I can’t stand when the gist of the post, the recipe, or the ‘how to’ is in the body of the pin. You’ve pretty much just taken the original persons ‘thing’ and stomped on the hard work they put into the post or article created to share it. PLUS, in my example I’ll be sharing in this posts, you’re possibly sharing pure bullshit.

Here’s my example. *****edit note 8/20/2013***** the original pin I had as my example has apparently been removed from pinterest, however just google ‘sharpie words baked on mug’ and you’ll find various examples

Do you see this? This is the image to the original pin I found. I’m not linking to the original pin, because it doesn’t deserve the linkage. However, the text in the body of the pin said to write on a plain mug with sharpie and bake for 30mins at 350. Like a little just-follow-along dumbass I repinned and did it.
Then, after I’d prettied up my mug with inspirational words that I was going to send to a good friend of mine also going through a deployment, I decided that I’d better run the mug through the dishwasher. I mean, of course she’d do the same. But what if it washed off? I’m sure it won’t, but still I want to go ahead and give it a once-through just to be sure. I’d hate for her to wash it and something happened, and she’d probably feel bad. I’ll spare her.
So, I washed the mug.

The mug came out of the dishwasher completely blank. And I mean COMPLETELY. Clean, though.

Aggravated, I went back to the pin and did the simple little trick I should have done from the very beginning. CLICKED ON THE PIN and visit the original site it was pinned from. In that post the girl mentions her favorite mug with the Mr. Darcy text written on it and links to an etsy shop where she bought the mug. In the etsy shop’s description of the mug it states,
“The mug is white, has a nice shiny finish and is newly purchased. The quote is handwritten with a ceramic pen, and heat cured, so it can withstand the hottest dishwasher and microwave, and quite possibly a lover’s scorn.”
I’m guessing someone, who I will name as a pin-whore, thought in their genius moment they’d create this pin, with the bogus instructions in the body, knowing they’d get a lot of repins from it. I’m sure it worked. I’m obviously one of the guilty repinners who failed to originally check the pin. (something I do normally do… normally) Lesson learned. ALWAYS check the link!! If it’s worth pinning, if it’s worth the repin and saving to your boards take the 3 seconds to check that the pin is actually credible.

And? Do me a favor, if you see the ‘how to’ or any other give-away info in the body of the pin, when repinning please delete that info and just write a doable title.

Oh!! And don’t DO this coffee mug craft. I’ve successfully failed it for you.
*****edit note 8/20/2013***** you CAN hand wash your mug, but even still the sharpie will wear off quickly. It is NOT permanent. If you want it to last longer, use an OIL BASED sharpie. I still think, though, that this is a crap craft. Most people want permanent, and I personally feel when making this as a gift for someone you should make it with the ability to hand wash or machine wash (dishwasher).


  1. Laura says

    Just hand wash it… I don’t see why people shouldn’t try this, unless they are too lazy to skip the dishwasher for one mug

  2. says

    Oh goodness, I can’t stand when people pin something from etsy with the “I can do this, kind of” caption. I try to not re-pin, but go to the source, check it out, and pin it fresh from the source! This one looked so cute! Glad you failed it for me!

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