Our Deployment Puzzle

We are in our final days before this deployment launches. I am scrambling to make sure I have all my important papers where they need to be, tying up loose ends that I might need my husband for, and all the other items on my list that need I’s crossed and T’s dotted. In all that I’m also trying to get a few things ready for my kids to help countdown the days until Daddy is back home again.

Children, especially the ages of my children, are very visual. It’s hard for them to have a good grasp of time in any large measurement, and to post the pages of a calendar on a wall and cross off the days I feel would be a bit overwhelming for my kids to look at, so I’ve come up with a few fun visual ways we are counting down this deployment. One I’d like to share with you today.

This picture here I uploaded on to a picture service site (like shutterly/snapfish/walgreens/etc) and had made into a puzzle. The size offered was a 10 x 14 inch puzzle, which I think is a perfect size. Depending on who you order your personal picture puzzle through, various sizes are offered.

So here’s my plan. I’ve figured out how many days/weeks are in this deployment. I have x-amount of envelopes set to the side, labeled ‘week 1′, ‘week 2′, and so on. This way I can evenly distribute the puzzle pieces into each envelope so I know which pieces we’re adding to the puzzle that week.
Now I can put the puzzle together, and, once that’s done, then take it apart. As I’m taking it apart I’m distributing the pieces to their envelopes, breaking up the puzzle in the way that will be easy to put together. So, for example, in week 1 and 2 we’ll be putting the outside border of the puzzle together. The next week another layer inside of the border will be added, and so on until all the pieces fill in the puzzle.

The last piece, however, is the key to the end of deployment. Putting the last puzzle piece in means that Daddy is home again, so that piece is reserved for Daddy to put in the puzzle himself once he is home.

My son doesn’t know we are doing this yet. The pieces are going to come as a surprise, and I haven’t yet decided how they are going to be delivered. It may be something that comes through our deployment fairy doors.



  1. Ashley says

    I love this! You could also buy a roll of magnets with the tape on the back and cut the pieces to the correct side and hang on the fridge that way you will always be able to see it!! Best of luck on the deployment!

  2. leslie says

    love this idea! Question though: where are you going to keep the puzzle during the deployment? We are limited on space and can’t have it out in the open all the time… any suggestions?

    • Laura says

      I am going to slide it under our entertainment center in the beginning until it fills up some. Then I’ll find a way to hang it on the wall (without the pieces falling down)


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