6 Things I’ll miss once Summer is gone

All week long, and even starting last week, I’ve been seeing my friends on FB and IG posting photos of their kiddos going back to school.

Seriously, I’m not going to tell you I’m 100% NOT ready for my kids to go back. My son is getting to the point where he’s bored here at home, and when the girls start bickering and whining at each other there are not enough pillows for me to bury my head under to block it out. But I’m not 100% READY for them to go back either. 

Lazy Summer Mornings

  1. I love our lazy summer mornings. Like right now it’s 10:15am and we are all still in our jammies. We’ll all be dressed in time for lunch, but if we didn’t want to get out of our jammies all day, then we wouldn’t. We’ve had some really rainy days here in NC this summer, and I’ve been soaking in the movie and cuddle time. Love lovin on my babies.
  2. Falling in line with our lazy mornings, means no morning rush. I get up and stroll to the coffee pot. Pour my kiddos some cereal while I wake up. Whip up some eggs, dice some tomatoes, toast some english muffins. All at my own leisurely pace. Soon the mornings will start with a shot and I’ll be back to feeling like a racehorse busting out of the starting gates Monday thru Friday. And maybe even Saturday, too, once soccer starts up.
  3. I’m going to miss the fireflies. Or lightning bugs. Whichever suits you. But living in CA we didn’t see these little glowing beauties. And though they won’t completely disappear until Fall, I can’t help but add them to the list of things I’ll miss. Note: must catch lightning bugs with kids after dark before school starts up.
  4. The impromptu randomness of the days. Nothing is planned. We can go anywhere and do anything. Maybe we’re driving down the road and spot a park or playground and want to pull over and play for a bit. WE CAN!! Because it’s Summer and there’s nowhere we HAVE to be.
  5. Staying up late. And not my kids, ME! I can stay up late and write, talk on the phone, read a book until my eyes dry up, or watch a movie. Can I do this when the kiddos are in school? Sure, but then lets recap on #1 and #2. No leisurely mornings means no late nights for me. This momma needs her rest, and if I can’t get a full night I at least need a slow start to my day. Impossible when Summer is over and school starts back up.
  6. Summer thunder storms and rains. I think I’m the only person in my neck of the woods of NC who would say this, though. But I’m a rain addict. I love a cloudy covered day. The relaxing of grey. Soothing rolling thunder, and even the big boomers. Honestly I was made to be a PNW girl. In NC we’ll get rain past Summer, due to the hurricane/tropical storm season, but there’s just something about Summer thunder and rain that really hugs my heart.

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I’d love to know, what are your favorite things in Summer, and what will you miss most once it’s over?


  1. says

    I feel exactly the same. Sure the kids can be difficult at times, but all the wonderful things about summer typically outweigh the bickering and boredom that happens. I don’t want it to end.

    • Laura Crawford says

      I’m excited for my kids because they are excited, but they start at the end of the month and I’m not ready. Just buying school supplies the other day felt weird.

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